Founded in 2004 PharCoNa® GmbH focusses on business activities in 3 areas:

  • Pharmaceutics: commercially avaibale pharmaceuticals, OTC.
  • Cosmetics: R&D and production of cleansing and nourishing articles for daily use.
  • Dietary supplements: Research and development of innovative products supporting and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

In January of 2006 the companies’ new state-of-the art production facilities in Ahaus/Germany was put into operation. Under one roof the new plant combines the functional departments Research and Development, Production as well as Management and Administration.

The intention of this layout which has all different departments located close to each other is to speed up the various coordination processes. Modern equipment guarantees that all products for either trade or retail customers are of premium quality.

Depending on customers’ individual requirements PharCoNa® takes over the complete process starting with product development and packaging design all the way up to filling, packaging and the actual distribution process. For this we have access to a sizeable number of proprietary formulas and recipes.

In other cases we serve the function of a typical sub-contractor thus manufacturing strictly according to customer’s specifications and/or working with raw and packaging materials provided by the customer.